Keine leichte Kost, aber es lohnt sich, den TRYON’schen Klangkosmos zu erkunden – aufregend, fordernd, schön!



is a Composer, bassist and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Seattle, WA, USA and based in BErlin, Germany. He founded the avant garde rock ensemble Alex’s Hand in 2011. And performed with them from 2011-2019. In 2020 he founded his new solo large ensemble project ‘TRYON’ after his middle name.

His music has been described as Uncompromising jazz mixed with complex contemporary music and free imrprovisation. And he regularly works in the noise and free jazz or “Echtezeit” musik scene.

Born in 1984, Kellen performed mainly in Seattle, WA, USA in 2002-2014. He picked up bass guitar after playing guitar regularly and became obsessed with Frank Zappa and progressive rock of the 1960’s and 70s. His approach has gone from the early days of rock oriented music to more free improvisation and complex written music. After moving to Berlin in 2015 he has performed with such artists as: Erik Leuthäuser (DE), Rieko Okuda (JP), Dovydas Stalmokas (LT), Oli Steidle (DE), Philip Gropper (DE), Martial Frenzel (DE), Grgur Savic (HR), Peter Vanhuffel (CAN), Jonathon Lindhorst (CAN), Ganna Gryniva (UA), Omri Abramov (IL), Toms Rudzinskis (LAT), and many others.

Has performed at: Nordhausen Jazz, Seaprog Festival, Burg Herzberg, Zappanale, Bflat Jazzclub, Jazzclub Schlot, Rosenheim Jazz, Kafe Kult, Club Mila, etc forever.